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The 5 Steps To Love The Body You Have & Get The Body You Want.


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Women ❤️ You Are A Babe...

I lost 70 pound in 18 months and it felt effortless! I wasn’t exercising yet because I ached too much that first year. And I was SICK of traditional dieting B.S.. I wanted something COMPLETELY different. You Are A Babe changed my LIFE and I’ve kept the weight off for more than 3 years!
– Coach Cathy, Current Member


I lost 4 pounds my first week! And I know this is probably too soon, but I’m starting to love my body. I look at myself and I think I’m sexy. I have never thought that about myself. I owe it all to you.” – A. M., Current Member

“Thanks to all the things I’m learning and implementing from Being Badass, I’m down 14 pounds! – K.S.


You're a successful business woman...

who is a badass at every other area of your life. But your health has come last behind everything & everyone else… and it’s finally caught up with you.

You’ve put on more weight than you realized. You might be freaked out by a new diagnosis. And while you want to start eating better & taking care of yourself, everything you’ve tried has failed.

Starting another fitness or diet program with your work and life schedule feels overwhelming and hopeless, but you have to do something.

Without the energy, confidence, and health you need to keep running your business and being there for your family & friends, your life is in trouble.

We can help..

Most health coaching programs being taught today just don’t work. Miracle diets. Fitness plans. Weight loss apps. Only getting to see your coach every one or two weeks… and the only support you get in between sessions is by email or text.

That’s fine for people who never really struggled with weight or a health issue, but they’re hopeless for women with a business to run and a real weight or health issue to fix. The fact is there’s a huge difference between just losing “the last 5 pounds” and seriously transforming your health.

You Are A Babe is different.

We teach our clients life-changing weight loss, psychology, health, & self-love strategies that really work… and we give you the daily coaching & mindset support you need to take action and create extraordinary transformations in your body, health, & life.

our clients love you are a babe

This is why our clients want you to know about us.

Welcome to Being Badass. Have a look at our About page. Check out our Client Results page and meet some of the women we’ve worked with.

And when you’re ready, click below to watch a complimentary masterclass about the exact process we use to help our clients lose weight, reverse illness, & love their bodies regardless or shape or weight… while still running their business, family, and life.

Inflammation isn't cute.

From autoimmune issues to difficulty losing weight, inflammation is a problem for many women.

Fortunately, by simply shopping differently you can drastically reduce inflammation and improve your health and weight loss efforts. 

what inflammation does to your body
betty jean bell being badass

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Babe Syndicate: Weight Loss For Successful Women In Business

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