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Being Badass is a community of resilient AF traders and entrepreneurs committed to use their trading journey to: develop their highest & best, most loving, most emotionally regulated, most consistently profitable, and most spiritually-connected version of themselves.

Being Badass is a community of resilient AF traders and entrepreneurs committed to use their trading journey to develop their:

  • highest & best...

  • most loving...

  • most emotionally regulated...

  • most consistently profitable...

  • most spiritually-connected...


What I Do For The Being Badass Community


What I talk about on my social media:

  • EFT Tapping for Day Traders & Entrepreneurs

  • Money Mindset

  • Feminine Energetics
    (Guys, we lady traders tend to LIVE in our masculine energy... so I make sure to speak to prioritizing our feminine genius in trading as well.)

  • Why I think affiliate marketing is a business that damn near every trader should at least look into as an additional income stream.

Gratuitous Art: I make hand painted digital art just to make it. Expect printable art pieces as free gifts in your weekly newsletters occasionally.

You can see my latest work by clicking here.

I lead a daily workout meetup for lady traders Monday-Friday at 7am CST. It's ENTIRELY free for my email subscribers.

Examples of what we tap on in Tapping For Traders:

  • Revenge Trading

  • Fear of loss / FOMO trading

  • Fear of Success / Fear That Making More Money Could Hurt You or Your Relationships

  • Self Doubt / Fear of Failure

  • Abundance Rampages for Raising Our Money Baseline

  • And a million other topics based on YOUR REQUESTS

About Betty Jean Bell

I've been an internet marketer, business coach and consultant since 2007, having helped start, grow, or turn around hundreds of businesses, both brick-and-mortar and online. I became a full-time day trader in 2020, trading options, futures, stocks, and forex.

I have been an artist, musician, audio engineer, singer, and eccentric AF my whole life. When I try to fit in, things don't go well for me. I was born to walk my own path... which has drawn me to focus on careers that were not always the easiest, but always brought me the most fulfillment and expansion. Right now is no less.

I had an extremely difficult childhood which gave me the gift of learning the role our nervous system, mindset, and childhood conditioning plays in our relationship and perception of money, success, and failure in trading, entrepreneurship, and life. Every losing trade and difficult life event holds gifts and tools meant to be harnessed and shared.

Those who have walked the hardest paths and chosen to be joyful anyway often have the most gold and silver lining to share.

Being Badass is a community of resilient AF traders and entrepreneurs committed to use their trading journey to develop their highest & best, most loving, most emotionally regulated, most consistently profitable, and most spiritually-connected version of themselves.


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IMPORTANT: Trading is risky as f*k. If you are not okay losing money or failing, do NOT pursue trading. You WILL fail. You WILL lose money. If you keep working, learning, and improving, eventually you could become a profitable trader. But NO ONE can guarantee your success. The only thing anyone can guarantee is that you will lose money along the way. That IS guaranteed. If you are not okay with that, do not under any circumstances pursue trading. You've been warned.