I'm Betty Jean Bell.

Body Confidence Model + Transformation Coach

I believe that when a woman realizes she is enough, that everything she has ever wanted comes to her (instead of her chasing or looking outside herself to find it).

For most of my life, I did NOT feel like “enough.” In fact, I was pretty damn insecure. Here’s my story…

Diagnosed in high school...

with severe acid reflux that took my opera singing voice and sent me on a nearly 20 year self-healing journey to overcome depression, loss of purpose, weight gain, and what seemed like a new diagnosis every year, I’m proud to have created a self-healing empowerment movement that touches thousands every day.

Through our status-quo-breaking online coaching programs, our partnership with Beautycounter, and a badass army of smart, powerful-beyond-measure women in 20 countries, I help women like you transform their bodies and lives with meaningful science, spirituality, and uncommon action that works.

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I’m often asked...
“How did you get started in all of this?”

Actually, I never dreamed I’d be doing this. I wanted to be an opera singer.

I had been singing opera since I was 4 years old and taking college level voice classes all through elementary and high school.

At age 17, I knew what I wanted to do – be an opera singer – and I had been studying, working, and practicing for it my whole life.

So when I was diagnosed with severe acid reflux at age 17, right before I was supposed to go off to college, I was pretty devastated.

It was so serious and painful that I was mute for 18 months until I had my first surgery. After that, I was in voice pathology for 5 years to learn to speak without pain.

After that, I didn’t know what to do with my life. Long story short: between the ages of 17 and 35, I was pretty freaking sick with what seemed like (and often was) a new diagnosis every year.

IBS, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, night terrors, leaky gut, severe acne, gastroparesis, interstitial cystitis, blindness in my left eye, back injuries, compulsive overeating, bingeing, over-exercising, and more.

(That sounded like a “risk of the side effects” list on a pharmacutical commercial. 🤣 Anyway…)


The most frustrating part of all was the compulsive overeating.

I wanted to get well, more than anything. 

But no matter how bad I wanted it, I couldn’t stop overeating.

Back then, I knew nothing...

about how stress on my body from work, my thoughts, food, or environmental toxins caused illness, weight gain, or compulsive overeating. In fact, I didn’t even know overeating was caused by anything other than my “lack of discipline or willpower.”

So I went the usual route: eat less (a lot less) and workout more (a lot more). There were extended periods of time when I DID actually lose weight and kept it off for a while, but eventually, it all came back. And it brought friends.

But I healed all that and I’m proud to have the gift of dedicating my life to helping you and thousands of other gorgeously badass women do the same, each and every day.

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This is how I ended up doing this work.

I never intended it. I wanted to be an opera singer.

Instead, Universe sent me on a path of self-discovery...

deep emotional work tied to identity and purpose, and required me to become the master of and greatest advocate for my own body and happiness.⠀

Never take a medical report, a weight on a scale, or any circumstance as a un-reversable fact. There is always hope.

I have reversed or learned to eliminate symptoms of every illness, discomfort, or ailment by changing my environment (food, water, air, body care, relationships, and stress) and lifestyle (habits, mindset, perspective).

No matter what diagnosis or “fact” I’ve been given, one by one, I have overcome them.⠀

I am undeniable proof that you can heal and create the body and life of your dreams.

I am proof that even when we think we know what our purpose is, the Universe has a bigger plan for us – one that we may not fully see the meaning of until we leave this world. I’ve found that trust in that Universal guidance and timing is the easiest way to become happy, hot, and healed.⠀

betty jean bell

Trust that you are right where you belong.⠀

Trust that you can heal if you take responsibility for the factors contributing to your health and body shape.

Trust that you are NOT alone in this.

I believe that when you love the body you have, you will get the body you want.

That means making rest, meditation, and healthy meals a priority; getting serious about reducing environmental toxins with every purchase you make; and taking full responsibility for the negative thoughts and judgements you habitually think about yourself and others.

It also means not taking too much on at one time which is why all of our programs are designed to teach you how to practice ONE SMALL HABIT AT A TIME until it is effortless and automatic.

Most importantly, I believe that God / Source / Your Higher Self has a plan and that the orchestration of the Universe is woven and timed beyond our farthest stretch of imagination.

I believe that no matter what happens to you, your body, or your health, that it is always being used for your good. It is never a setback, always a setup, and the most powerful thing you can do for the sake of your happiness, hotness, and health is… relax and enjoy the ride.

betty jean bell you are a babe

Which brings me to you...

I am here for you. My company is built on love, acceptance, understanding, and an unshakable belief that you CAN heal, lose weight, and have the body and health that you want.

Through our free content, our paid online coaching programs, my partnership with Beautycounter, and anything else we might offer — we’re in this to help YOU feel better. To help you lose the weight, preserve your health, and enjoy a life and body that you truly love.

Whether you’re a successful business owner, a powerful professional, a badass mom, or something in between, we’re here to help you get the body and health that you want all while tapping into the deepest wisdom within you.

I want you to know I am not perfect.

I don’t have a “bikini body.” I eat amazingly most of the time but I still choose to indulge in not-so-healthy things occasionally.

I still have bad days because I’m human. Sometimes I feel anxious, sometimes I’m depressed, I make mistakes, and I get side-swiped by fear and self-doubt, just like everyone else.

And that’s what makes me real, honest, and… just. like. you.

The difference is that now, instead of feeling consumed and controlled by it, I know exactly what to do to get myself OUT of the depression… OUT of the anxiety… OUT of the fear, self-doubt, or bad habits… FAST.

Freedom does not equal perfection and the idea of perfection in eating, our health, and our bodies is the fuel that drives overeating, illness, fear, and disorder.

I promise to be real, open, and honest to the best of my ability. Every day I bring to you the very best of what I have learned and what I am living. So please do not expect perfect, do not expect “thin,” and do not expect even a whisper of “restrictive dieting advice.” That just ain’t me.

You can expect honest...

thought-provoking belief-challenging ideas, unicorn everything, and an unwavering devotion to helping you decode your body and love her where she’s at, so you can give her what she needs in order to lose weight, thrive, and HEAL.

If you've read this far,

thank you. I love you.

I am here for you. We are in this together.

Thank you so much for taking time to visit. I’m so honored to be here for you.

Being badass together,


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