Being Badass Meditations

being badass meditations

For Self-Confidence
+ Seeing Yourself With Love

These Morning, Mid-Day, and Evening meditations will help you…

🌟 Reduce stress & overeating. 

🌟 Refresh your energy.

🌟 Restore the mitochondria that govern the willpower centers of your brain and prevent overeating, especially in the evening.

Loving the body you have starts in your mind.

These are the exact same daily meditations we do inside of Being Badass Academy.

They are a perfect compliment to the 5 Day Challenge or used on their own. to reduce stress, reduce overeating, refresh your energy + the mitochondria in the willpower centers of your brain.

being badass meditations

What You Get

Instant access to the: 

  • Morning Meditation mp3 audio recording.
  • Mid-Day Meditation mp3 audio recording.
  • Evening Meditation mp3 audio recording.

Get Excited About Seeing Yourself With Love!

Start your daily practice of seeing your body with love today with these Being Badass Meditations.


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