Essential Spices for Beginners: What Spices to Buy

Essential Spices for Beginners: What Spices to Buy

When clients first start meal prepping, they always ask, “What spices should I buy to make my food taste good?” So I wrote this guide!! These essential spices for beginners will keep your food tasting interesting and delicious.

essential spices for beginners

For a quick reference to which spices to put together with your meals to create different ethnic or flavor combinations, see How To Create The Perfect Meal.

I buy my spices at Penzey’s. They are the best spices I’ve ever cooked with.

Penzey’s has deals with farmers where they buy 100% of the farmer’s products. Every spice you buy from Penzey’s has a 2 week turn around before it hits the shelf. That means that the bottle you are holding in your hand was in the ground growing just 2 weeks ago. Fresh, bold flavors barely begin to describe it. Plus they are organic and cost the same or less than grocery store spices (which have been on the shelves for months or years going bad).

You will immediately taste the difference. I recommend eventually buying almost one of everything but to get you going, here is our spice list.

The Essential Spices for Beginners

Also, get Celtic Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Sea Salt at Costco or on Amazon. I don’t suggest buying any other kinds of salts as other kinds of salts can contribute to inflammation.

Obviously, I will continue to add to this list. I honestly own every spice Penzey’s makes. They are that good. And they cost the same OR LESS than store bought spices!! (I don’t make any money recommending Penzey’s (not that there is anything wrong with that!). I want you to know how serious I am about recommending them. They are so so so so good.)

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