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Hello and thank you for considering me and Being Badass to represent your product. 

My 110% focus is on helping people heal, have fun, feel beautiful, and find what’s right for their body.

Therefore, I am extremely discerning...

when it comes to the food, supplements, personal care, and other products I represent. I will only consider working with companies that have taken every precaution possible to make the safest products for our food, water, air, supplements, and personal care.

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To me that means...

companies that are educated, aware, and have taken steps to make sure their products are free of harmful preservatives, chemicals, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, and even packaging that can leak endocrine disruptors and other toxins into the product. 

I also only buy, use, and consider representing products that are sourced responsibly.

The products I represent cannot...

to the best of our ability, contribute to inflammation or human health issues. 

My reader’s and clients’ safety and health are of the utmost importance and I’m educated enough to not be bullshitted by “natural washed” marketing. 

I know my stuff, and in order to represent your product, you need to know your stuff, too. 😊

Hydro Flask Compatible Water Bottle Filter System

Ok, gorgeous. With that out of the way...

I am always excited to discover and try new, safe products and if your products meet the standards I mentioned above… 

I’d be delighted to consider sharing your wonderful products with my world!

Please fill out the form below

and give me all the details, links, and information I need to check out your product and make an informed decision. 

Once you’ve completed the form below, if we are a good fit, I’ll send you a mailing address where you can ship the products. Thanks!

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Thank you for sharing your work with me.

I hope we can build a fun, lucrative, and profoundly healing partnership that genuinely serves the world.


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