💰Calling in Cash!💰

A 14 Day EFT "Tapping" Practice to Open Yourself to Income by Letting the Divine Lead 💖

So many of us are comfortable receiving and giving gifts but when it comes to letting in cash… we are sometimes mentally, emotionally, and physically blocked!

So Emotional Freedom Technique Coach, Cathy Schwanke, and I, Body Confidence Model + Coach, Betty Jean Bell, have partnered up for a fun, 14 day spiritual experiment with you…

Calling in Cash! A 14 Day Tapping Program


Want to see if this 14 day practice is right for you? Try Day 1 for free – right now – below. 

If you feel uplifted, inspired, and OPEN after doing this Day 1 video, then Open To Income! will be a great fit for you!

Day 1:

btw… Day 1 is the longest video because we introduce ourselves! All the remaining lessons in the program take 5 – 15 minutes to do!

What Folks Are Saying...

Listen to Stephanie Roman's Spectacular Calling In The Cash Results: $17.5K in 3 weeks*!

*Your results WILL vary! We cannot guarantee that you will have the same results. It’s all energy! This is just one powerful example of what is possible.

Stephanie Calling in the cash testimonial
jessica testimonial calling in the cash
tara testimonial calling in the cash

How It Works

  • Every day for 14 days you’ll receive ONE email with ONE simple practice for the day.

  • These practices are short, easy, and quick.

  • We will share our experiences with our daily practices using the #beingbadassfamily hashtag on Instagram and in our private Being Badass Family on Facebook.

Join us, babe!



Q. What’s the format?
Each days lesson will be sent via email. All you have to do is do your daily action then let go and allow yourself to receive. 

Q. What is your refund policy?
Because you have access to the programs automatically, we don’t offer refunds on digital programs. That said, I have never had anyone ask for a refund on any of my programs. I’m confident that if you do the work and follow along with the program, the Open To Income 14 day practice with shift your vibration, help you remove blocks, and open you to more of what you’ve been wanting to call in.