Kitchen Setup: Basic Tools Every Cook Needs

Kitchen Setup

kitchen setup

New clients, especially those who are just learning to cook for themselves, always ask me what kitchen setup and tools they need to get going. To answer their questions,  I made this list and linked to many of the things I personally own on Amazon.

The prices and availability of these items will vary over time. I also opted for the least expensive of most items because for those of you who are starting out, buying all your kitchen items at once can get pricey. So here is an affordable list of items to start with and you can get nicer things as you develop in the kitchen over time.

That said, some of these items are NOT the inexpensive versions. For example, the Instant Pot, THe Blendtec blender, and the juicer. I believe that if you are going to buy these items, invest in the good ones that have a lifetime warranty. The Blendtec and InstantPot will become the “swiss army knife” items you use daily in your kitchen so you want them to work well and last. They are WORTH the investment!!

If you buy an InstantPot, you won’t need to buy a rice cooker, a slow cooker, or a pressure cooker. The InstantPot is an all in one solution. If, however, you want to meal prep LOTS of things at the same time, then you might opt to own all of the items I just mentioned. I own all of them. We often run the rice cooker, InstantPot, slow cooker, and pressure cooker at the same time with different stuff we

I own all of them. We often run the rice cooker, InstantPot, slow cooker, and pressure cooker at the same time with different stuff we want prepped for the week.

If you have any questions, you can ask me here. I’ll gladly update this page with answers to any questions you ask me!

Basic Tools:

Kitchen Knife $40-80
Cutting Board ~$6
Wooden Spoons ~$12
Slotted spoon ~$8
Silicon spatulas ~$8
Ladle $3
Large metal mixing bowl(s) <$20
Safe Non-Stick Pans (I recommend GreenPans) ~$40 for a set
GreenPan Wok ~$45
Safe Non-stick pot ~$45
7 Quart Crockpot or an InstantPot (bigger is better) ~$23-149
Glass roasting pan (for chickens) ~$15
Tall Stock Pot $35
Steamer basket or Steamer pot
Colander <$5
Veggie Peeler <$12
Measuring Cups & Spoons <$6
High Powered Blender <$2350

Advanced Tools (That Save You Tons Of Time):

Rice Cooker ~$30
8 Quart Pressure Cooker $38
Air Fryer ~$80
Food Processor ~$40
Juicer ~$180
Food Dehydrator <$40
Electric Griddle ~$15
Non-Aerosol Oil Sprayer ~$10
Spice Drawer Organizer ~$16
Digital Food Scale ~$12

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