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2 Steps to Know What to Eat for Your Body

Don’t know what to eat to lose weight, feel good in your clothes, or heal your body?

2 Steps to know what to eat

That’s about to change! In this article, I’m going to give you an overview of how to stop trying to fit yourself into someone else’s diet and how to know what to eat for your body.

How to Know What to Eat for Your Body

1. Stop eating in your car, eating with the TV on, or eating looking at your phone.

What to do instead: If you want to know what to eat for your body, begin with the daily practice (habit) of eating slowly in an undistracted environment. This is the most important practice for getting in touch with your body. Start here. Connect with your food before you start eating. Slow down while you eat. Notice how you feel in the hours after you’ve eaten.

2. Stop dieting. (Don’t worry… you’ll still lose weight!)

When we are trying to follow a healthy eating plan – of any kind – we disconnect from our body’s intuition and guidance and instead focus on the guidelines given to us by the diet. (No matter how healthy the diet is.)

What to do instead: Take a month (or more) to discover what feels good in your body. (Your body is smart and always warning you of it’s needs.)

When you become familiar with that gives you energy and your body’s unique communication signals, you will always know what to eat to lose weight, have energy, improve your performance, and reach any health goal you set your mind to.

What does “feeling good in your body” mean? It means you have energy, mental focus, your sleep is amazing, and you aren’t suffering from symptoms such as gas, indigestion, stomach aches, depression, anxiety, etc. after eating. Sound like an impossible task? It’s not. It just takes time.

Here are the steps to find what feels good in YOUR body:

  • Stop counting calories, carbs, points, macros… anything. Use the hand portioning and plate method of eating instead.
  • Eat real, clean, food. Not sure what that means? Learn here.
  • Keep a simple journal on your phone or in a notepad documenting how you feel in the hours after you eat.
  • Don’t do it alone. Get a buddy, join a group, or hire a coach to help you figure out what’s right for you.

You Can Always Know What to Eat

I know it’s hard to believe but you can be your own best nutritionist and always know what to eat – for you and your beautiful body. (I’m living proof!)

Meal plans are a guideline to help us get creative and expand out recipe repertoire so our healthy meals and lifestyle stay delicious, fun, and interesting.

But there is no such thing as “eating perfectly.” It is madness to think we need to be on a diet and that if we eat something “off plan” we’ve “blown our diets” for the day and have to “start again tomorrow.” There IS an end to the dieting madness!!!! And it begins by reconnecting with our brilliant bodies

There IS an end to the dieting madness!!!!

And it begins by reconnecting with developing the daily practices (habits) that let our bodies design the plan.

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