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I help people feel good about themselves, lose weight + look great in photos. Because I believe that when you love the body you have, you get the body you want.

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Betty Jean Bell is a Body Confidence Model, Coach, & Transformational Photographer helping people feel good about themselves, lose weight, and look great in photos. She believes that when you love the body you have, it becomes the body you want.

Diagnosed in high school with severe acid reflux that took her opera singing voice, Betty Jean was not only sick but lost about what do to with her life.

This illness induced loss of identity and purpose sent her on a nearly 20 year journey of self-healing to overcome what seemed like a new struggle or diagnosis every year and to discover what truly made her happy — independent of external measurements or accomplishments.

Today, Betty Jean has created a self-healing empowerment movement that touches thousands every day.

Through her status-quo-breaking online coaching programs and a badass army of smart, powerful-beyond-measure women in 20 countries, Betty Jean Bell helps entrepreneurial women transform their confidence, body image, and health with meaningful science, spirituality, and uncommon action that works.

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