Client Transformation Story: Oliver

Client Transformation Story: Oliver

Oliver lives in Texas and was looking for nutritionist Austin. We met at a gym I go to here locally and we hit it off right away.

Oliver joined The 4 Habits Coaching because he was eating in a way that he thought was completely normal (including binge eating)… but he wasn’t seeing the kind of results he was looking for in his workouts. ⠀

His biggest challenge was not knowing where to start and not knowing what the key factor were that he should be focusing and which things with nutrition weren’t a big deal. ⠀

He said, “it helps to have someone along with me for that. Working with you made me realize how important is to just ask for help or sometimes. To be able to outsource to someone that “this is their thing.” ⠀

“Having you in my life has been a huge help because it made me realize I don’t have to take everything on on my own.”⠀⠀

In Oliver’s podcast interview, you’ll hear about The 4 Habits Coaching and how it…⠀

⭐ changed his relationship with food, ⠀
⭐ helped him lean out and put on lean muscle mass, ⠀
⭐ and how it changed his life in more ways than just his food.⠀

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

  • “I saw a huge change in the mirror. I could literally see my face and body slimming down.”
  • “The most surprising part of working with Betty Jean was how easy going and enjoyable the process was.”
  • “I was expecting it to be more expensive to eat healthier. But I was able to make a grocery list, with Betty Jean’s help, and ultimately saved a bunch of money on food and have a bunch of food to eat.”

I’m humbled and blown away by the stuff Oliver said in this interview.

I never intended to be doing this work. I’m humbled and blown away all the time when I do these exit interviews with my clients. It amazing to me the incredible changes my clients make. The coolest part is that every client’s results are entirely unique to them, their health, their bodies, their goals, and what kind of foods they enjoy eating.

If Oliver’s story excited and inspires you, here are two actions you can take today to start your own transformation:

  1. If you haven’t already, download The 4 Habits 30 Starter Kit right now (subscribe below) for free. It will show you the starting tools Oliver used to launch his transformation.
  2. Sign up for a free The 4 Habits Breakthrough Session with me to see if The 4 Habits Coaching might be right for you. You can also check out all the deets at this link here.

As a nutritionist Austin (and everywhere in the world)… and as someone who has “been there” myself, my #1 priority is helping people heal while still having fun with food & life. Food is supposed to be fun, even if a medical condition or a health goal makes learning how to eat healthier challenging.

You can do this. I am here to help.

Hit me up if you are DONE with dieting and looking for a nutritionist Austin or anywhere in the world to support you in changing your habits so they support you in eating in whatever way your body and happiness find best.

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