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Listen to Betty Jean Bell talk about self-love and badassery on these rad podcasts:

The Health Hub: Self Love, The Missing Piece To Weight Loss with Betty Jean Bell

I loved being on this show! This was the last show I did talking specifically about weight loss and self-love. Really fun podcast that you should check out!

Vroom Vroom Veer with Jeff Smith: Learning To Love Yourself with Betty Jean Bell

This is one of my favorite podcasts because we talked about not only loving one’s self, but also about how believing one is enough transforms not just our bodies, but our financial lives as well. Great show! Give it a listen.

The Mindful Experiment: The BEINGNESS of a Badass

Really loved my conversation with Dr. Vic. He’s a brilliant chiropractor who is just as nerdy about brain science, neural pathways, habits, and psychology as me!

Your Next Amazing Story: It's Never Too Late... To Heal Your Relationship With Food & Love Your Body

This show was especially fun because we talked about why women should stop waiting to lose weight before they start dating or believing they are worthy of love.

The Inspire Cafe: When Doctors Told This Aspiring Opera Singer she Wouldn’t Sing Again, She Turned Her Adversity Into Being Badass

Well, we talked about angels and my guides. If you’d like to hear how I get some of my best coaching techniques… and if you’d like to confirm to yourself that I’m a goofball, you’ll love this show.

LiveTheFuel: Weight Loss Transformation, Entrepreneurship, and The Being Badass Lifestyle

This show was a fun mix of a lot of my favorite things: 90’s music, safer beauty products, road bike racing, nutrition, and trusting one’s self.

The Productivity Show by How to Get Healthy and Stay Sane While Saving Time with Betty Jean

This show has become a FAN FAVORITE! Thanh asks great questions and we talk about everything from confidence to how to outsource meal prep to how to get organic groceries for $35 per week!

Tena Talks A Lot by Are You Limiting Yourself?

Tena is an OLD business friend from my past consulting life. On this show we talked self-care and entrepreneurship. We laughed a lot, too. This show was fun and inspiring for you entrepreneur babes out there. Being Badass with Betty Jean Bell

Matt is an AMAZING host! This show has one of the most EPIC INTROS EVER! I sound like a fucking super hero on this show. 🤣 Thank you, Matt!

You deserve to feel like a Babe.

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