Q&A: “How do I control my eating to lose weight?”

Q&A: “How do I control my eating to lose weight?”

“Why do I feel like I have no control over the food changes I’m trying to make?”

That’s the question I’ll help you find the answer for in this video.

Why do you feel this way?

Part of the reason you may feel out of control is because right now, the food is giving you something. You are getting a response when you eat the “uncontrolled” food – a physical, chemical, hormonal or experiential response.

What do you do?

The first thing you should is to do some journal work.

  • Write out all of the times you have felt out of control with food.
  • What was happening?
  • What was the food giving you?
  • Was it love?
  • Was it relaxation?

If you are still working to figure it out, you can take my free 30 second quiz to determine your Overeater Type. It may help you to shed some light. Once you complete the quiz, add your eating type to your journal entries.

Knowing your current overeater type, what do you think your food is giving you?

What substitutes can you make? 

What else could you do to give you the same experience or reaction?

I DON’T mean food substitutes. I mean taking time to figure out the reason you are eating coming up with some ideas about what you can do INSTEAD of eating to give you a similar satisfaction. For example, if you eat popcorn because you like the feeling of having food in our hands and eating while watching a movie, replace that with a fidget spinner or knitting. Remind yourself that you enjoy the movie and the adventure and it’s not about the food.

You need to do journal work to help you determine what food gives you and what you can do instead. You can seek out ideas online using search by taking a look at my post “100 Things You Can Do Instead of Eat,” and experiment what works for you.

Why is it uncomfortable?

Breaking old habits is usually awkward and even uncomfortable at first. If you are feeling extreme emotions come up when you go to make the changes, that’s a sure sign that your brain has been operating out of fear and addiction. And that’s good! Now you know! Everything that comes up is information!!

But remember: it’s only uncomfortable while you are learning. Once you have practiced it long enough, it becomes second nature. So you need to be willing and ready to surrender to the discomfort.

Get out your journal, hit your knees or meditation pillow, go for a walk, cry, do jumping jacks, get lost in a YouTube hole of baby animals…

Give your struggles to whatever higher power you believe it. Whatever relationship you have with something larger than yourself, let it lead. It’s about letting it go. If you can do it in your own strength, that is fear. Fear is the number one sign that you are trying to do things in your own strength.

What about willpower?

Willpower doesn’t work, but you can control your mind and focus your mind by focusing on something else that is better for you or just different. Distract yourself – go for a walk, admire some puppies, drink lots of water.

So those are my tips for getting in control of your eating.? They require work, but anything good does.

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