Q&A: I’m questioning my nutrition plan. Is that normal?

Q&A: I’m questioning my nutrition plan. Is that normal?

We are human. We question ourselves about everything. In life and in health.

Did I make the right decision?

Am I on the right plan?

Should I stay the course or change it?

As these questions swirl through our heads, you may have one more for yourself: Is it normal to question my efforts?

Simply put, yes.

Anyone who begins a nutrition plan, is healing after an illness or trying to lose weight knows – it takes time to see results.

But you wouldn’t know that if you paid attention to the marketing of nutrition and weight loss programs. They show you testimonials. They show you before and after pictures. The images and stories are incredibly compelling – lose 30 pounds in 30 days, or lose 50 pounds in eight weeks! That’s totally reasonable, right?!

That is not reasonable.

Losing all of that weight to become “bikini ready” in just a few days is crash dieting. It is not real fat loss.

It also creates a lot of disorder in our eating and our minds. Restrictive and punishing eating inflames the body, and it is even worse if you are using fat burners. Overuse of chemicals in your food and diet will inhibit healing, inhibit weight loss and inhibit overall wellness. They can also cause other issues and symptoms like inflammation.

It’s easy to see why one would start to doubt themselves wondering if a “lose weight quick” scheme is working, but why does one begin doubting themselves during a healthy weight loss plan?

Following a weight loss or nutrition journey is an emotional process. While we doubt ourselves, we have to remember that many of the claims of other fad diets are hyped. Real, true results happen slowly.

And that’s a good thing. Because when you commit to a plan slowly, you make permanent changes.

That’s a really good thing.

When you change one habit at a time, do one new thing, learn about yourself and find what your end goal is, you address issues one-by-one. This creates lasting and permanent change.

So when you start a new plan, remind yourself why you are doing it and the ultimate end results you will get. Don’t switch diets or nutrition plans every month. If you do, you’ll never get the results you want. If you honestly want change, you have to stick to things and you have to give it at least a year of your commitment.

Getting healthy and losing weight is not complicated.

Eat real, non-toxic, clean food – don’t eat sugar – and move your body every day.

You will see substantial changes because when you stick to something, you learn from it and you recommit regularly.

You remind yourself every time you think to stray, that you are doing this plan. It has worked for a lot of people, and you’re not looking to make quick, fast changes. You’re not buying the hype any more. You will eat real food from now own. You move my body. You ARE a fit person whether it looks like it on the outside or not.

You ARE a fit, healthy person and permanent change takes time.

Connecting to that new identity can help you to overcome your fear when you begin doubting yourself.

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