Professional Psychic, Stephanie Is Reversing Alopecia & Loving Herself.

When Stephanie joined You Are A Babe, she didn’t have hair, eyelashes, or eyebrows. The doctors said she would never grow hair again.

Today, Stephanie not only has eyelashes & eyebrows… but she also has to shave her head because her hair is growing back!!

Head of Education, Jenn Fell In Love With Herself, Made Herself A Priority, & Attracts A Promotion & Dream Guy!

Emotional Freedom Technique Coach Cathy Lost More Than 70 Pounds By Making Herself A Priority

Cathy had put herself on the backburner for so long that when her last child moved out of the house, it was the first time she had slowed down enough to notice… “omg… I feel like shit.”

She felt bad in her body but she had felt bad for so long that she didn’t even know what feeling good felt like… or even if was possible for her to feel good again.

Then she decided to CHOOSE HERSELF. She joined us and learned they she is WORTHY of feeling good and making herself a priority. Here’s what happened next:


Children's Yoga & Wellness Center Owner, Anayis Has Lost 8 Pounds By Focusing On Seeing Herself With Love


"I lost 4 pounds my first week! And I know this is probably too soon, but I’m starting to love my body. I look at myself and I think I’m sexy. I have never thought that about myself. I owe it all to you." - A. M., Current Member

Anayis photo testimonial

Hear How Anayis Lost 8 Pounds While Working On Her Self-Love - This Stuff Works!

Listen To Anayis: Just 34 Seconds

Successful Wellness Center Owner, Kelly Transforms Her Health & Confidence!

Listen To Kelly: Just 14 Seconds

Gen's been able to heal without freaking out about food or her body + while being an entrepreneur & a full-time mom to 2 tiny children!!!!!

Listen to how Autumn is overcoming reflux, bingeing, + building her body confidence for her clothing business in You Are A Babe.

Discover how L.M. Felici was able to stop bingeing + a sugar addiction without having to restrict herself from eating sugar altogether

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These women are changing their lives by learning to see that they are ENOUGH RIGHT NOW to have anything an everything they want.

Here’s how they’re doing it:


They’re flipping the script on their internal conversation.  No more negative self-talk, no self-hatred.


They have a PROVEN plan and are taking daily self-loving actions, and listening for what their bodies tell them in response. 


They invested in coaching.  The difference between women who transform their lives and live fully self-expressed, and women who perpetually struggle is the support.  The healing is in the hangout!

It shouldn’t be so hard to love your body.

When you have a proven plan, a dedicated team of coaches, + a badass peer group of powerful women on the same path as you, loving yourself and living the life you want to live will be easy!

At this point, you’ve got 2 options:

You could do nothing. You’ll continue to beat yourself, feel lousy, and keep watching your life pass you by without ever fully stepping into the life and self-love you came here to experience...

OR - you can take action and FINALLY see your transformation. Become the master of your body & life + get the support and coaching you need to love the body you have and live like that you are enough! 😘

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