How To Start To See Your Own Beauty

How To Start To See Your Own Beauty

I know how hard it can be to see your own beauty. When my fiancé would tell me that I’m “beautiful,” I would immediately look sad and hurt in response.

I didn’t even realize I did that until he told me.

I didn’t feel beautiful. I hated my body. I felt frustrated and sad that I couldn’t seem to change my body even though I worked out more and ate healthier than damn near everyone I knew.

So I started a morning practice that changed all that. In this 2 minute video, I share exactly what I did to shift my perception and finally see my own beauty. It’s so simple you can start it today if you want to.

This one thing practiced every day over time helped my change my perception of myself and my body.

Now when I see my reflection, I genuinely think, “Damn, girl… you look GOOD! I love you so much! I’m so enjoying living my life with you!”

When you love the body you have, you get the body you want.

You will be shocked at how your body heals, slims down, and responds differently when you genuinely appreciate it and see it with love.

Try this exercise. And if you find this video helpful, I have only ONE request: share it right now with a friend who you think it will inspire and uplift.

#BeingBadassTogether, gorgeous. #HappyHotHealed

It’s okay if, right now, you cannot see your own beauty. I promise that if you practice this one little habit, every day, you WILL SOON be able to see your own beauty… and that one thing can completely transform your body and your life.

You can do this, gorgeous. I know you can.

And if you want help, apply to join Studio Happy, Hot + Healed. It’s you, me, and a family of badass women living the Happy, Hot + Healed principles together, week by week, year by year. It is the most unconventional transformation club in the world… and the most fun… just sayin’. Apply here.

I am committed to helping you see your own beauty. xoxo Later, gorgeous!

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