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Betty Jean’s Fav

Rejuvenating Collection
» Anti-aging
» This is Betty Jean’s core daily regimen

Overnight Resurfacing Peel
» Chemical-free face peel
» Face is AMAZING in the morning!

flawless in five

Flawless In Five (Starter Kit)
» LOVE the brow gel!
» This is the best deal for swapping out the basics in your makeup bag.



Clean Products
Betty Jean

Cora Non-Toxic Period Products
» They deliver.
» The packaging is gorgeous.
» For every one you buy, they donate one to girls in third world countries.

Thinx Period Panties
» The greatest gift you will ever give yourself!

Kopari Fragrance-Free
» The only non-toxic deodorant I’ve ever used that actually works!
» Get the Fragrance-Free. It works better!

Phlur | Non-Toxic Perfume
» Non-toxic scents!! FINALLY!
» Gorgeous and unique perfumes made clean and safe from the endocrine system & human health.

Daily Harvest Smoothies
» I am obsessed!
» Anti-inflammatory, fast, & easy.
» I eat their low-sugar smoothies for breakfast and lunch almost every day.

Allure Beauty Box
» Only $10 per month.
» All FULL SIZE products!
» Often a mix of clean products & conventional products. LOVE!

Slenderella Boost
» Liver Detox, Multi-vitamin, & Morning Caffeine all in one!
» Thanks to the liver detox, it’s also a “fat torcher.”
» Use code BEINGBADASS to get 10% off.

Slenderella Gut
» Pharmecutical grade L-Glutamine to heal the gut.
» I add this to my daily morning smoothie.
» Use code BEINGBADASS to get 10% off.

MRT Food Sensitivity Test
» The test I do once per year to see which foods do/don’t create an inflammatory response in my unique body.

Magic Weighted Blanket
» This blanket seriously helps reduce anxiety. I sleep 1000x better!
» I use the 20 pound 48″ x 78″ blanket in Gray Minky. I’m 5’7″.
» Use code BEINGBADASS to get 15% off.

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