Sneak Peek Inside a Real Live Being Badass Academy Q+A Call

Sneak Peek Inside a Real Live Being Badass Academy Q+A Call

Your habits make up 90% of your daily thoughts and actions.

If you want to stop overeating, reduce inflammation, all while loving yourself along the way, focus on your habits – ONE HABIT at a time.

>>Learn more and join Being Badass Academy here.

In Being Badass Academy, we believe that “when you love the body you have, you get the body you want.”

Being Badass Academy isn’t just about health…

It’s access to every product or program I (Betty Jean Bell) create…

From health, to social media, to photography and art, to money and budgeting, to lifestyle.

Plus weekly access to “pick my brain” or get encouragement about anything.

More importantly, Being Badass Academy is a FAMILY of health-seeking, self-lovin’ encouragers.

You’ll discover self-accepting mindsets, health-changing habits, and how to shop for safer products you can trust + simple ways you can share what you’ve learned with the people you love.

It’s a safe environment to ask questions and support each other.

The video you’re watching is a real live weekly Q+A call.

I’m not going to fake it: this one left me speechless…

…and inspired AF!

Being Badass Academy Family member, Joei, and I talked about how important (and challenging at times) it is to allow yourself to just do ONE THING at a time for your health and happiness.

We also talked about how rad and important (and NOT ANNOYING) it is for your OWN healing, happiness, and goals to connect with the other Being Badass Academy members and to post daily or weekly #checkin posts in the Facebook group.

We talked about how to make a career of health coaching + how I and will support YOU if you were to choose a path of sharing self-love, health, and happiness with others as a new (or deepened) career path.

You can learn more about Being Badass Academy and join here.


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