I DARE you to stop picking yourself apart in the mirror for 7 days. TAKE THE DARE

What would your life be like —
What would you do? Who would you be?
— if you weren’t tearing yourself apart in the mirror everyday?

Take The Challenge.

I dare you to stop picking yourself apart in the mirror + photos for 7 days!

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your a babe

What Girls Are Saying About The Challenge

gen testimonial

“I love that this is about WAY more than diet and exercise. I like that the group is an open minded bunch. I love the positive atmosphere.” – G.C.

healing testimonial

“I feel so uplifted and inspired… spiritually, emotionally, and physically.” – L.M.F.

amanda testimonial

“I love that the challenge is so interactive, which makes it unique. I also believe that makes it easier to be successful, so long as one is 100% committed to the program and themselves.” – J.E.

joei being badass testimonial
being badass testimonial 1
dana testimonial
dr. deb kern testimonial
ownitbabe being badass
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