What Are The 4 Habits?

What Are The 4 Habits?

Learn the skills you need to stay disciplined to any healthy eating style without dieting, deprivation, or restriction.


Stay disciplined to any healthy diet

I know that you’re feeling really motivated to make healthy changes in your life. And because we’ve been taught by the health industry to start with a meal plan, clean out our kitchens, and try to overhaul our entire lives in 30 days, I know you’re probably ready to start making ALL the changes… today.

If that worked, you wouldn’t be reading this guide right now.

Imagine yourself walking into a ballet studio for the first time. You’ve never danced in your whole life… never learned the skills… don’t know the names of the moves or the techniques.

The dance teacher approaches you and you say, “I’d like to start ballet lessons today. Can you teach me?”

He says, “Sure! Come over here. Now watch me dance the opening act to The Nutcracker.”

You watch in amazement at the beauty of the advanced moves. When he’s done, the teacher turns back to you and says, “Great! Now you do it.”

Do you think you’d be able to do it if you have never stepped foot into a ballet studio or danced a single move in your entire life?

Of course not! 

Yet that is exactly what we (and our nutritionists, dieticians, doctors, and health coaches) expect of us when we start a new diet plan.

Here’s a truth you NEVER hear from the health industry: Diets are an advanced technique that requires the development of skills that may be counterintuitive to us and years of daily practice to “perfect.”

But you may be wondering, “what about the 20-year-old fitness bloggers or the people you know that always look “fit,” and “naturally eat healthfully” all the time? They didn’t practice these skills for years before they were able to follow a healthy diet easily.

You’re right. They didn’t consciously develop the skills by finding mentors, hiring coaches, joining groups, or reading books on the subject. So how did they do it?

The answer to that actually has many parts which I talk about in my podcast, posts, and videos. It’s too big of an answer with too many components for me to unpack here but here’s the short of it: these individuals who don’t overeat, don’t have hangups around food, who naturally portion control themselves and easily make healthy changes to their lives and diets…

Their brains are programmed a little differently than yours because of their genetics or environmental factors growing up.

But this article isn’t about people who don’t have health issues, sugar addictions, compulsively overeat, or don’t struggle with nighttime food cravings or uncontrollable desires for “rewards” after the workday or on the weekends.

This is for the people like you and me who have a hard time trying to stay disciplined to any kind of healthy eating plan – whether it is prescribed by our physicians or we bought it from a nutrition expert or fitness professional we want to look like.

Let’s get back to you.

You are here because you want to make a change for your health. You want to eat better, exercise more, and live a healthier life. But you have a hard time trying to stay disciplined to your healthy eating or workout plan.

Even though – right now – you are SUPER motivated to make a change, you know from past experience that every time you buy a meal plan, overhaul your kitchen throwing out all the sugar and junk food, and trying to make healthy meals for yourself, something always derails you.

Do any of these sound familiar?

? You eat great during the week or the workday but at night after work or on the weekends, you “sabotage” your health goals by giving into “rewards” or cravings. (Because you deserve it, right?)

? You try to cook the meals but the ingredients are complicated, or you don’t have time to go to the grocery store, or you find you hate cooking.

? You clean out your kitchen and decide to quit sugar and junk food only to find yourself going out to buy even more sugar or junk food that night.

? You do great on your diet for the first part of the week but by the end of the 4th… 5th… 7th day (if you even make it that far), the flu-like symptoms or the intense food cravings are so overwhelming that you finally give up, give in, and plan to start again Monday.

? Monday never comes. You don’t start again. And you’re off to the Google machine to find another diet plan because “that diet just doesn’t work for me. It was too hard! How does anyone live like that?”

What’s going on here? Are you just weak? Do you have no willpower? Are you a failure? Are you just not cut out for being healthy and slim?

The answer: a resounding “HELL NO! YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!”

Simply, you haven’t developed the skills to succeed at making healthy changes and sticking to a healthy diet. You’re trying to dance The Nutcracker today without having any ballet experience whatsoever.

Beating yourself up for not succeeding at a diet and them blaming the diet for “not working” is like beating yourself up for not being able to dance The Nutcracker perfectly in the first week and then blaming the choreography for your inability to perform.

It’s not a rational way to think about yourself or the healthy changes you want to make.

That’s why I wrote this article and that’s why I’m doing this work.

First, you have to learn the skills, strengthen your muscles, and learn the moves. Then you’ll be able to dance any song (read: meal plan) you desire.

Best of all, learning to stay disciplined to a healthy diet is way easier than learning ballet. In fact, there are only 4 moves you need to learn: The Four Habits.

If in the future you find yourself off course, eating sugar or giving into old habits, all you have to do is come back to these four simple habits to find where you’ve gone off course.

These four habits will bring you back to center so that you can make and stay disciplined to the changes you want to make and need to sustain for your health.

In my 14-day email course (which you can grab for free in the pink form at the end of this article), I’ll explain The Four Habits in depth. These are the same four habits I work on for 6 months to a year in my private coaching programs.

And you can get started right now with this overview of The Four Habits. I explain each of these more in depth over the in the email course you can subscribe to below:

Habit #1: Make Time for Sleep

Without quality sleep every night, we can burn up to 250 calories less each day, increase inflammation, and make poor food decisions…. making it impossible to stay disciplined to how we want to be eating. 

Habit #2: Make Time for Meal Prep

If you want to heal your body and lose weight, convenience foods aren’t going to cut it anymore. In this habit, we learn to make ensuring we have healthy foods a priority by dedicated committed time in our calendars.

When we ensure that we have healthy foods ready to go in advance, we don’t have to try to stay disciplined to eat well… it happens almost automatically.

Habit #3: Eat Slowly in an Undistracted Environment

This may be the single most important habit you learn for reconnecting to your body. This ONE THING helped me end binge eating in my life forever.

Habit #4: Make Time to Refresh Your Mind

This little-talked-about habit is the secret to never again “sabotaging your health goals” for nighttime or weekend “rewards” or uncontrollable food cravings.

If you’d like this article as a downloadable PDF you can put on your fridge as a loving reminder, just put your name and email in the little pink box below and I’ll send it over to you right away.

You don’t need to struggle to stay disciplined to your healthy goals or eating plan. I LOVE helping people eat better, feel better, and fall in love with their bodies and lives. You can do this. I’m here for you.

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