Stop Overeating Forever With This 1 Simple Trick

Stop Overeating Forever With This 1 Simple Trick

Contrary to popular overeating recovery advice, it IS possible to stop overeating forever… without “white knuckling it.” In this video, I talk about my experience with compulsive and emotional overeating, how I overcame it with this one simple trick, and how you can, too.

Connecting to the food before I eat is the one simple, daily habit helped me heal compulsive overeating, binge eating, sugar addiction, and the cravings that kept me from losing weight.

In this video I talk about my experience with mindfulness at meals, what it means, how it helped me stop overeating, who it’s for, and how to do it.

My History with Overeating

I used to drive through all the drive-throughs on the way home after a bad day, or disappointment at work, or any number of things that might have disappointed me. I would compulsively go through the drive through and order for two and then (literally) cry into the bags when I couldn’t stop overeating my feelings.

I didn’t even want to eat those things! Whether it’s the at home Oreo cookie binges or the carrot cake at midnight… I’d be the one who wiped out the bag.

I was ashamed. I was depressed. I was frustrated.

Stop overeating

During the week I would try so hard… I would always be my personal trainer’s “best girl.” I’d boot camp eight times a week. In fact, I’m the girl that was prone to injury because I would train so hard. I love exercising but it got unhealthy because I was chasing this bikini body.

The diet magazines, all the fitness magazines, and everything told me to eat twelve to fifteen hundred calories a day and train really hard. And so I did that during the week and I was good at it.

But then on the weekends I would get so hungry and I would eat everything in sight and then feel guilty about it.

It only took one bite of a cookie or something and I was like, “well I scratched the paint… might as well wreck the car.

I know you know what Im talking about because I know I’m not alone. Every time I tell this story I see women’s head shaking yes like, “Girl, I’ve been there.”

I am here to tell you you really truly can be free of it. And not like, “white knuckling I don’t do this anymore” where you’re controlling yourself and forcing yourself.

I mean free like you don’t even think about it. You totally stop overeating. It’s not even a thing that happens for you anymore because finally you have learned that food is just something that you eat and enjoy. You start to feel so good in your body that eating things and doing things that make you feel bad become not very appealing.

I also know that right now that may be really hard for you to imagine because I remember it was for me. I would hear my coaches and all the people that I worked with over 20 years to heal this. I remember them saying “you really will be free of this one day.” And I believed them but I couldn’t even visualize it or see it or imagine it for myself.

So I get what it’s like to not even be able to necessarily believe me. But I am telling you, it’s true. It IS possible to be free. I am holding that for you.

How to Stop Overeating

1. The first step is not trying to control yourself.

It’s not white knuckling it or grasping really hard and trying to separate yourself from the Oreos or keep them out of the house. I mean – do keep them out – but the real magic is in forgiveness and in self-love.

2. Love and forgive yourself.

Love and forgiveness is when you see yourself eating the Oreos uncontrollably and you’re able to witness it and be like, “oh – okay… I’m doing this thing and that’s ok. I love myself.”

Seeing yourself as a small child who just found the cookie jar. That’s all that’s going on here. You’re not evil you’re not shameful you’re not going to any of the negative things that you are calling yourself.


3. Learn to stop judging yourself.

Stop seeing yourself as having “broken your diet.” All that does it cause you to overeat even more.

4. Before you eat, stop and do a gratitude visualization… every time you’re going to eat.

This one practice can be really difficult at first but by bringing this into every single meal really treating every meal like it’s a date with the person you love more than anyone in the world: yourself.

Over time, mindfulness before meals can help you stop overeating for good and eradicate any food addictions, disorders, emotional eating, and any kind of hang ups you may have with food.

How to Stop Overeating forever with Mindfulness at Meals

Connecting before meals (aka. Mindfulness at Meals) is actually very simple. In the video I share the exact steps for connecting to your food before meals so you can learn to stop overeating but here is the overview:

Step 1: Sit down for your meal in an undistracted environment.

Step 2: Before eating, stop to “connect” to your meal. Ways to connect (choose one):

  • Do a short, quiet meditation to connect to God, Source, Universe, or the spiritual relationship of your own understanding.
  • Stop to think of all the people it took to get the food to you. The farmers, truck drivers, grocery store people, the cooks (especially if you are the cook). Taking a moment to imagine and appreciate the people required to get this food to me is my favorite way to slow down and connect before a meal.

This practice makes it much easier to begin practicing the Domino Habit: Eat slowly in an undistracted environment. Eating slowly can be difficult for people at first but this practice of connecting to the food before you begin can make it much easier to slow down.

It made a life changing difference to me.

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