You Are A BabeTM

A Monthly Membership to
Lose Weight, Feel Good About Yourself + Look Great In Self-Taken Photos

• Be genuinely happy with your body at any & every weight!
• Lose weight by ditching dieting & making self-love & self-care a top priority (no matter how busy you are).
• Great for helping you stick to and use any nutrition or fitness plan you’re currently enjoying.

It shouldn’t be so hard to take care of and feel amazing about yourself.

When your inner dialogue says, “You are a Babe!” taking care of yourself & looking great in photos will be easy!


» Get Healthy + Stay Healthy

» Feel Gorgeous in Photos

» Truly Love Your Body

» Surround Yourself With Positive Babes

Love the body you have, get the body you want.

In You Are A Babe, I will teach you how to:

  1. Love yourself again!

  2. Lose weight, get healthy, AND stay healthy… without restrictive dieting and exercise.

  3. Take gorgeous photos of yourself for your social media at home alone with just your iPhone or mobile phone.

Every Month You Will Get:

1. Weekly Lesson

Every week you’ll get an actionable lesson on health, weight loss, body confidence, and/or self-taken photos. (No more confusion!)

2. Weekly Habit

Every week you will be given ONE single habit to practice to improve your health, weight loss, body confidence, or photos. (No more overwhelm or “falling off the wagon!”)

3. Weekly Check in

Every week you’ll have the opportunity to personally check-in about your progress with Betty Jean. (No babe left behind!)

4. Core Trainings

Instant access to actionable lessons for improving your health, weight loss, body confidence, & photos. (Learn at your own pace on your schedule!)

You Are A BabeTM

is the only product of it's kind that combines body confidence, staying healthy, AND photography training for self-taken photos ALL-IN-ONE doable weekly practice designed to help you get better every single month.

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“It’s like the ‘Nextflix’ of self-love, self-care, and self-taken photos… it’s a membership you don’t want to live without!”

Client Success Story: Cathy S.

“I’ve lost over 70 pounds but I don’t know exactly how much because I don’t weight myself anymore. 

On the left, I was a size 18. On the right, I’m a size 4! And I’ve maintained it for over 2 years!

These photos I learned to take with Betty Jean are the first photos I’ve ever felt confident in!

And even when I look back at my old self now, I think, ‘Dang girl, you were beautiful!


Hi! I'm Betty Jean Bell.

I’ve seen so many people (including myself) completely change their lives and bodies when they commit to seeing themselves with love every single day.

I also know that it’s easier said than done.

You want to feel good about yourself, love the body you have, and maybe even lose 20lbs. You want to make some changes (and I’m super proud of you for wanting to make those changes!).

You just have one teeny-tiny problem. Everything you’ve been told about self image, body image, and weight loss is wrong! You’ve been taught to believe the wrong things, and as a result you’re looking in the wrong places for answers.

It’s a big problem, and it’s not even your fault!

The beauty, health & wellness, and weight loss industries all have marketing machines going at full speed causing you to look outside yourself for answers.  

  • They’ll tell you that confidence will come when you lose some weight…
  • That you’ll feel better about yourself when you start consuming their products…
  • And they never seem to run out of “5 Beauty Tips Certain to Boost Your Confidence” articles that cause you to feel like whatever you are doing now isn’t enough.

Babe — It’s all bullshit.

You deserve to see yourself with love when you look in the mirror. External factors shouldn’t have any impact on how you feel about yourself. But because of the culture we live in – those external factors own us.

Your beauty, health, and ability to love yourself come from inside you.  It’s not your fault that you’ve been tricked into looking outside yourself for answers, and I want to show you how a change in perspective can change everything.

More than 10,000 women supported in truly loving their bodies.

More than 250 clients + customers helped (& growing)!

Hundreds of pounds lost without meal plans or an exercise program.

A change in perspective can change everything.

I can say that with confidence because that’s what happened in my life…

I grew up in a small town, and seemingly overnight went from being a horse-loving, body-unaware stick figure to looking like a swimsuit magazine model.

My new body drew a lot of attention from the boys, and sadly none of it was positive. They told me I was ugly, and since I wasn’t telling myself otherwise I believed them.  I became super conscious of my body and extremely depressed. I was only 11.

Every woman has a story like mine.  For most of us it starts with body shame.  It ends with us going numb.

I was told my experiences made me unloveable, and to keep my feelings to myself. To try to feel better about myself, I started going to a gym that told me to workout 2-4 hours a day while eating only 1200 calories per day. That silence paired with the extreme dieting and exercising lead me to drinking and binge eating.

Even though the abuse happened when I was in middle school and high school, believing I was ugly and unlovable stuck with me all the way into my 30s and cost me everything. 

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I had been singing opera every since I was 4 years old but the stress of being abused caused me to lose my singing voice (my direction in life) and caused me to have a new medical diagnosis every dang year. I eventually found myself on the brink of suicide.

Everything shifted for me when I decided to try being my own answer! I became determined to do whatever made me happy without looking outside of myself for love.  All advice was filtered through how my body responded to it – not what the gurus, experts, and magazines said.

And now friends constantly ask me what I’m doing, and how I look younger and healthier than 10 years ago. The shift begins when you start having a healthy, internal conversation with yourself!

Today, I help thousands of women discover the freedom and confidence I had to find the hard way.

And in my coaching programs…

Women’s bodies are healing on the outside because of how they’re now treating themselves on the inside.

(Because when you love the body you have, you get the body you want.)

Here’s how they’re doing it:


They’re flipping the script on their internal conversation.  No more negative self-talk, no self-hatred.


They’re taking daily self-loving actions, and listening for what their bodies tell them in response. 


They’ve got a badass backup posse.  The difference between women who learn to see themselves with love, and women who perpetually struggle seems to be the support.  The healing is in the hangout!

If you want a new outcome, then maybe it’s time you start looking inward for answers.  

You Monthly Investment

Working with me privately for 3 months costs $6,000.

Working with me in Being Badass Academy, my 7 month semi-private VIP coaching program costs $3,500.

But "You Are A Babe TM" is different.

I’m giving you everything from those coaching programs…

PLUS my never before released self-taken photo training and coaching… All for just…

Your Investment:


$47 per month, cancel anytime.

Want a taste of You Are A Babe TM?

Download one of my Free Guides

your body is a work of art

Your Body Is A Work of Art: Your Guide to Stop Negative Self-Speak + Have Confidence on Camera

The Secret to Losing The Last 10+ Pounds & Staying Healthy (No Matter How Busy You Are)


Gear Guide: What You Need To Gorgeous Photos Of Yourself At Home Alone With Just Your iPhone

Being Badass Client Results

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how to stop overeating


I’d argue that it is equal parts self-love, self-care, and self-taken photo training.

But if I had to say in what the order the priorities of the program are, I’d say they go in this order:

  1. Self-Love
  2. Self-care (through the practice of daily self-love)
  3. Self-taken photos (via the confidence of self-love & self-care).

The program really hinges on helping you see your body with love right now and forever, no matter what it’s shape or weight. Everything builds off of that.

If your phone has a fantastic front facing camera and the following apps are available on your phone, you will do well with the photography portion of the program:

  • Lightroom CC Mobile 
  • Snapseed app
  • VSCO app

If you need help with body confidence, join You Are A Babe. The Weekly Lesson + The Weekly Habits will help you learn to love the body you have so she can become the body you want.

If you need help with getting and staying healthy, join You Are A Babe. The Weekly Lesson + The Weekly Habits make getting healthy easy because I tell you exactly what to do, one habit at a time. Plus, when you do it with friends, getting healthy is easy.

YES! I have so many badass guy followers on Instagram who direct message me all the time thanking me for the positivity, encouragement, & inspiration.

Body confidence isn’t just an issue for women. Men – lots of men – struggle with it, too!

The reason I message to women specifically is because women make up 85% of my market. It’s just smart business. BUT…

Because I get so many requests from guys for my programs, I made this program accessible by all.

No matter how you identify (male, female, or just straight gawgeous!), you can absolutely do this program.

You deserve to feel beautiful / handsome.

You deserve to feel healthy without the intense dieting, exercise, or restriction.

You deserve to be able to take gorgeous photos of yourself and feel confident in them.

You Are A Babe can help you.

Yes. And for most of those 20 years I also struggled with and eating disorder + severe anxiety, depression, frustration, and confusion because it seemed that no matter what I did, I couldn’t heal.

But then I figured it out. And it was so much easier than what any of the books, diets, or programs told me to do. I can teach you to do the same.

Do you already feel good in your body and love it where it is now?

Do you already know how to take great photos of yourself and feel confident enough to share them with your world?

If you said hell yes, then no, you do not need to You Are A Babe.

But if you gave even a hint of a NO to the above questions, then sign up.

I’ve never seen a photography or health coaching program that combines:

  1. Taking gorgeous photos of yourself from the safety of your own home using only your iPhone with…
  2. Addressing body confidence issues that come up for you along the way as you learn to take the photos…
  3. And helps you improve your health and body based on what comes up for you without dieting, meal plans, fitness plans, or disorder.

Have you?

If you have seen a program like this before, would you please email me at and tell me the link to the program?

I want to be their friends! (And have them on for a guest interview inside You Are A Babe!)

If you want to transform your body, your photos, and your life, you have got to make it a priority. Anything else is an excuse.

What is precious is a priority.

The program is organized so that you can watch the weekly lesson and do your weekly ONE THING whenever it is convenient for you.

Our weekly lessons never exceed an hour.

And most weekly habits are done once a week or throughout the day as your are living your life.

And when it comes to the photography, you can take as much time as you need to practice the lessons.

You won’t become a master photographer overnight. It took me years to get here. But what you learn in You Are A Babe will help you get to where you want to be in a fraction of the time.

In total, if you do your weekly lesson + habit practice, you will spend roughly 1-2 hours per week on You Are A Babe.

So if feeling good about yourself & your body + improving your health & how you look in pictures isn’t worth 2 hours of your time, then clearly being stuck is your thing.

Is that true? Only you know for sure, babe.

For the price of a monthly Starbucks + Chipotle date together, you can learn to lose weight, get healthy, take gorgeous photos of yourself, and see yourself with love.

If a single night of dining out is more important to you than everything I just listed, this program isn’t for you, babe.

If you have access to a phone or a computer, you can do You Are A Babe.

Yes. Weight loss is a natural side effect of loving ourselves, relaxing about food, and taking care of our bodies.

You Are A Babe is designed to make getting healthy, staying healthy, and taking gorgeous pictures of ourselves fun and easy.

Change is easy when you do it with friends and You Are A Babe is a community of love + support first, and a teaching program second.

You Are A Babe is a monthly membership that makes getting healthy, staying healthy, + feeling good about yourself & your photos simple.

Each week you will have ONE lesson + ONE weekly self-care habit + a weekly opportunity to share your progress with BJB and ask for help.

Betty Jean will tell you exactly what self-care habit to practice each week, taking all the confusion about “what to do” or “where to start” to get healthy or lose weight out of the equation.

During your weekly lesson, Betty Jean will also give body confidence, photo tips, + shout outs for “a job well done” for our community.

You’ll stay encouraged, inspired + be delighted by how you grow as a You Are A Babe family member.

We use Instagram hashtags to connect with You Are A Babe family members + for group photo feedback.

Badasses. 🤣

All kinds. Women AND men.

If you want to feel better about yourself + regularly take gorgeous photos of yourself for your Instagram, website, or business…

Or if you just want to get healthier + learn to truly love your body regardless of the number on the scale…

You Are A Babe was made for you.

No. All course materials are for your use only.

You don’t have to post your photos on the internet unless you want to.

But if you want a chance to have Betty Jean give you feedback on your photos, you’ll have to post them on Instagram using our member hashtag.

If you aren’t ready to have friend or family see your photos, just create a secret Instagram account to post your photos to.

But MAKE SURE to use your regular Instagram to connect with You Are A Babe family members so we don’t lose tough!

Remember: change is easy when you do it with friends!

So make it a priority to leave encouraging comments on other You Are A Babe member Instagram posts at least 3 times per week!

Since you have access to all our member content right away, we do not offer refunds.

However, you may cancel at anytime.

So if you decide you don’t like it or you change your mind, you can just cancel you account and will not be billed in the future.

If you cancel your account, you will have access to the members area + content until the day before what would have been your next billing.

You can manage your account + change your billing information at anytime here.

At this point, you’ve got 2 options just like I did:

You could do nothing. You’ll continue to beat yourself, feel lousy, and as one Babe put it - “spend 15 minutes every morning crying in my closet because I hate how my clothes fit.”

OR - you can let yourself off the hook. Learn how biology and psychology create who you are... That it’s possible to stick to your plans, crush your goals, and live the life the outside world is trying to sell you - without buying their crap. 😘

Join Us, Babe!

$47 per month, cancel anytime.

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